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Health and wellbeing is important to me, as I know that when we are healthy, we have the ability to thrive. As the saying goes "It is health that is real wealth", and I want to help you to optimise your health!

Hi, I'm Erin...

I'm not your typical health coach, as I work with both your inner emotional well-being as well as your physical health.

With a successful career as a Clinical Psychologist for the last 18 years, I work with you to address your health and well-being using a holistic and client-centred approach and considering all aspects of your mind, body and spirit.

I understand the struggle when you're not feeling vital and what it takes to get your energy back, and to manage when it's not there. And now my passion is to see you transform your health.

I help people create your unique path to improved health and well-being, to perform better in all areas of your life.

Reach out to find out more, and get your questions answered.


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Hear From Our Clients

What my clients are saying....

Sarah Rhodes

Increased confidence and energy!

“Thanks to Erin, I feel confident I’ll achieve my goals (for the first time), and I already have so much more energy! It’s exciting. At each stage along the way, she brings new ideas and perspectives to keep me going in the right direction.”

Danielle Booth

Feels validated and empowered!

“Erin has been an immensely huge support in my healing journey. She validated my feelings and gave me a new perspective. I use the tools she empowered me with to get out of feelings of overwhelm.“

Cristin Marine

Anything is possible!

“Erin has such a profound ability to hear the story behind the words you speak. Her calm and nurturing presence is so soothing, supportive, and encouraging that she makes you feel as though anything is possible.“

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