Coaching to Create the Life you Love!

I provide Health and Performance Coaching for women to break free of Emotional Eating, navigate Perimenopause and achieve their unique health goals, so they can thrive and have the energy to create the life they love!

Work With Me - Coaching Opportunities

Coaching opportunities include helping you change your relationship with food, reach your own health goals BUT all these packages aim to uplevel your health, so you can thrive and feel better in all aspects of your life!

Group Coaching: Emotional Eating Program

"Breaking Free from Emotional Eating in (Peri)Menopause, to Foster Confidence, Energy and Self-Worth

Using: The ABC's of Changing your Relationship with Food

Next Group Starting: 24th June 2024

Program Includes:

  • Six Week Group Program

  • 6x Online Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Videos and recordings of Course Content

  • Handouts and Resources

  • Email/Online Support between coaching sessions

  • Ongoing access to Course Materials

1:1 Coaching: Finding Your Wellness

Improve your health, so you can live the life you love and perform at your best!

N.B. Perimenopause Specific Program Available, so you have physical and emotional support to navigate this life transition.

Individual Coaching that includes:

  • 8 week program

  • 8x weekly coaching sessions

  • Tailored Recommendations

  • Handouts and Resources

  • Email and online support in between coaching sessions

Personalised Health Strategy Call:

One off session

Do you want to find a place to start with your health?

Need help in developing a personalised plan, and avoid the overwhelm of all the information out there?

This includes:

  • One 60 min online coaching session

  • Focus on Pillars of Health (roots of Functional Medicine Tree)

  • Handouts and resources specific to your health goal

  • Tailored recommendations for you to take ACTION today!

Hear From Our Clients

What my clients are saying....

Sarah Rhodes

Increased confidence and energy!

“Thanks to Erin, I feel confident I’ll achieve my goals (for the first time), and I already have so much more energy! It’s exciting. At each stage along the way, she brings new ideas and perspectives to keep me going in the right direction.”

Danielle Booth

Feels validated and empowered!

“Erin has been an immensely huge support in my healing journey. She validated my feelings and gave me a new perspective. I use the tools she empowered me with to get out of feelings of overwhelm.“

Cristin Marine

Anything is possible!

“Erin has such a profound ability to hear the story behind the words you speak. Her calm and nurturing presence is so soothing, supportive, and encouraging that she makes you feel as though anything is possible.“

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